Sunday, July 23, 2006

Climbing Mount Kinabalu as a family adventure?

I was asked by fellow adventure travelers and mountain climbers this:
  • Can I climb Mount Kinabalu as a family?
  • I mean, me, my wife and two of my kids?
  • Is it safe for my children to climb Mount Kinabalu?
  • Is there any age limit for Mount Kinabalu climbers?
I would answer them like this: Yes, you can climb Mount Kinabalu as a family. In fact, it would be more enjoyable and fun, as you will spend your time together for a nice family travel adventure. I like people who spend their time together with their family. It will always bring your family closer together.

However, to climb Mount Kinabalu with children, you must remember to make sure that your children is close to you all the time, especially during the second phase of the climb (to the peak). It will be very dark, and at some places, the trail is very steep and slippery. Make sure that you child can obey simple commands and follow instructions. Mount Kinabalu is relatively safe for children.

Do you know that the youngest person who climbed Mount Kinabalu is a 9-months-old baby (who was carried by the father) and the eldest was an 83 years-old New Zealander? Yes, it was. If you think that climbing Mount Kinabalu is impossible, think again. And, to answer the last question is: No age limit.

So, what are you waiting for? Get the fact and plan your trip to the highest climber friendly mountain in South East Asia!


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