Monday, August 14, 2006

Eyesore views at Mount Kinabalu

It is the first Malaysian World Heritage Site. But, after I received an email from our fellow mountain climber, Mr Ganesh from Singapore, I won't be surprised if UNESCO decided to take back the title. Mr Ganesh went up to the peak of Borneo less than a week ago with his wife.
After coming down with a lot of difficulties (because of the bad weather) he gave me some shocking photos from the trip - the damaged done by some greedy people at about 2,000 asl. If you used to see the beautiful part of Kinabalu, be surprised with the ugly part of Mount Kinabalu.
Now, take a look at the other photos that was taken at the same time.

C'mon... Let us be more sensitive to the environment. For those who is going up to the peak soon, don't forget to take some more photos and email it to me. I hope that by doing this, somebody will hear us and take some actions to correct what have they done wrong.


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