Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Kota Kinabalu City Centre - Map For Travelers

I was asked by few of our fellow travelers on where to go when they arrive in Kota Kinabalu and still have plenty of time to spend before going for the climb of their life. I always advise them to get a hostel that is situated in the city centre, so that most of the important places is just a walking distance from their place.

And, if they do not know what to do, I will suggest them to go to Sabah Tourism Building, where all of the tourist spots in the state is dispalyed. You can get free brochures and pamphlets, free advice from the friendly information centre girl and maybe ease yourself after walking all day long.

So, I get a nice diagramatic, real life aerial photo of Kota Kinabalu city centre for you from Google Earth. You can get the map from my official Mount Kinabalu Blogsite.


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At 2:35 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

The Kinabalu Park looks awesome. However due to the rainy weather we didn't get to go on any of the trails and the visitors center was as far as we got. Disappointed by the weather but definitely not the national park.

Check the weather forecast before visit:
Kinabalu Park weather forecast


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